What Do You Want to Be Different?

Right now, your powerful subconscious mind is processing more than a billion bits of information that you’re not aware of. With the sole purpose of protecting you.  

This same subconscious mind is also running programs that you interpret as fear, stress, anxiety, trauma responses and pain (emotional and physical).  Then why would you attempt to use a different part of your mind (your conscious mind) to change? hypnotherapy

So, what’s keeping you from being your best self? Find out how hypnosis can help you.

The FUNNIEST Memories You'll Ever Make...

Are you looking for an entertainment event that is unlike any other? How amazing would it be for your guests, your friends, or your colleagues to be the STARS of the show?

Marc has brought his Hypnotic Hijinks to audiences around the world.  He’s appeared at casinos, on ships, at fairs and festivals, and corporate events. He appears regularly at Proms, Graduations and fundraising events with a show that customized for your audience.

Get Ready For the Laughs & Hijinks. 

One of the greatest skills that anyone can acquire is understanding how to move beyond self-limiting beliefs.  Additionally, he has brought mindful practice to schools and corporations to help people increase focus and improve results.

Marc uses hypnosis and NLP techniques to help you to instill the tools that change lives. His programs are fun, educational and impactful. And his clients report more productivity and less stress and anxiety in those who have been part of his program.

Let Marc customize a program for your school, company or organization.