Barbecues Got You Down Because Your Weight Is Up?

oh!Ah it’s summer barbecue time, which typically means plenty of friends, plenty of fun, and plenty of food.  But, it can also mean plenty of pounds!  At some point in your journey to become a slimmer, healthier you, you may have realized that dieting is merely a quick fix and does not address the longer term goal of losing weight and keeping it off.  This is where hypnosis for weight loss is at its best.

To better understand how hypnosis can be the tool to make lasting changes it is important to understand why many of us eat the way we do.  Early in our lives we learned to associate food with love.   We found comfort in our food and often chose high carb / high fat foods that temporarily raised our moods.  In essence, we were training our subconscious minds to protect us from hurting.  This began the pain / pleasure cycle that drives much of human behavior.  We do what we can to avoid pain and what brings pleasure.

This pain/pleasure cycle is also responsible for failed dieting.  Fad diets are quick fixes that all too often result in bounce-back weight gain.  The question is why?  The answer is found in understanding the way our minds work.  Will-power is a short-term.  The conscious mind deals with short-term feelings and events.  Lasting change, that is changing habits, requires learning techniques to tap into the subconscious mind, where all our habits and real learned skills reside.  Hypnosis provides us with the key to open our subconscious mind and replace negative thinking with positive.  No longer does that voice inside continue to sabotage with messages of “Why bother dieting when you know you are only going to fail, again!”  Through hypnosis, you are able to get to the root of the emotional eating and make lasting changes in your thoughts and behaviors.

We both know the time has come to be a happier, healthier you.  You know how much you have wanted to make these changes.  More importantly, you know that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked.  You also know that so many others have found the answers to improving their lives through hypnosis. That is why you’re reading this.  Don’t wait another minute!  Contact me right now and see how, together, we can make that change lasting.  Email me at: or visit my website:  Conveniently located in downtown Westfield with day, evening, and weekend hours available.

Marshall the Power of Your Mind

Marc Marshall, CH