Not Sure?

fargo2Amazing that Prom and Graduations are just around the corner and the number of inquiries that come in daily are really amazing.  There is no other form of entertainment that grabs and holds people’s attention like a comedy hypnosis show and yet, I find it really interesting why parent groups and schools are waiting so long to book my show.   Maybe, it is they are just looking at the cost of these shows and failing to realize the value.  Unlike other forms of entertainment, my comedy hypnosis show engages the entire audience and makes stars of those who volunteer.

Sure you can book a fortune teller or caricature artist, but think about the return on your investment.  You spend $500 for a 120 minute session.  That translates to 12 caricatures or fortunes told in 2 hours.  What are the other students doing during this time?  The better question to ask is “Will they remember the entertainment?”  In order to get the same bang for your entertainment buck as a Hypnomarc Comedy Hypnosis show, where I can entertain 500 or more students in an hour, you would need to spend over $2000 and have more than 8 hours to provide every guest with a token of the event.

The bestpart of a HypnoMarc Comedy Hypnosis show is the memories that are created!  Those who experience the event laugh and talk about it for years to come.  It is something that is remembered at class reunions, social events, shared on social media, and make instant stars of the volunteers.  There are still a few dates that I have open for the 2016 season.  In fact, I want to reward my readers with a special offer.  Right now, Text HYPNOMARC to 44222 and I will reward you with a special gift that will make my show the unquestionable choice for your event.  This is a limited time offer, and is open on a first-come /first-served basis.   Bookings are only confirmed with a signed contract and deposit – See why my clients comeback time after time to book my shows and refer me to their friends and colleagues.

You’ve but a huge amount of time and effort into making this a memorable experience – HypnoMarc Hypnosis Shows make lifetime memories!