Have you ever wondered … “Have I been here before? “

 Have you ever wondered … “Have I been here before? “

Does this sound familiar?  You meet someone for the very first time, yet you feel as though you know them from somewhere? You just can’t pinpoint how you know them, but you just can’t shake the feeling that the two of you are somehow connected.  Most of us have experienced this sense of déjà vu in our lives.  Having lived a past life is, perhaps something that you may have thought about but dismissed.  Sometimes these experiences are so powerful it is difficult to come to any other conclusion, other than I must have lived in another time.

Those of us who have done work and explored our past lives share this guidance:  when you encounter this situation, trust this feeling.  It is important that you trust your gut. This person is coming into your life again for a reason. Usually, when someone visits you from a past life, it means that you have some sort of unfinished business.

Let’s consider 8 Signs that you have met a person from a past life or have experienced a past life:

1 – Instant Rapport – You start talking and the next thing you realize, hours have past and it as though you are catching up with someone you hadn’t spoken to in a while.  You have a feeling of ease, comfort and peacefulness in their presence.

2 – Intense Immediate Dislike –  You experience a strong or visceral dislike, even though you are meeting this person for the first time.  There is just a gut feeling that screams out and for which you have no other reasonable explanation.  These people will continue to cross your path in future lives until you both resolve the issues between you.

3 – Experience a Short, But Intense Relationship –  Have you ever had a relationship with someone that was short-lived, perhaps months or weeks long, but extremely intense.  These are frequently events that resolve issues for both of you from a past life.  It is an event that brings closure, even though it may be painful.

4 – You Recognize Their Eyes – Just think back to a time when you met someone and you recognize their eyes.  It is something that is common with true soulmates and often reflects a past life connection.

5 – You Share a Telepathic Connection –  Perhaps there is someone in your life that you each know what the other is going to say before they say it.   Those who have experienced past lives together frequently have deeper connections than those we encounter for the first time.  It is as if we can read each other like a book.

6 – Someone is Helping you for No Apparent Reason –  Have you ever encountered someone in your life who gives you something you desperately need, emotional or physical, at the very moment you need it, without them having any expectation of repayment?   This is often them repaying you in this life for something you gave them in a previous one.

7- Is this Person Helping You to Learn Something About Yourself?  – Has someone come into your present life that is challenging you to grow.  This challenge can be either positive or negative, but the more challenging, the greater the likelihood that it is something from multiple past lives with this person.

8 – A Feeling of Déjà Vu – Are you experiencing a situation with this person that has or appears to have happened to you before? Is history repeating itself, but with different people?  This repeating of a past experience with a different person, is an indication of a lesson from a previous life that you have yet to master.  The new person who has come into your present life in this repeated situation is a “new teacher”.   Once you have learned this lesson, the person may leave your life or change the nature of the relationship with them.  However, you will find that you no longer experience this recurring situation.

There are many more examples that I can share with you, but I know you are aware of them because you are reading this blog.  If you want more information, or want to be part of one of my future, limited engagement, small group Past Life Exploration Workshops, be sure to share this with your friends and join my mailing list below.  I won’t fill your mailbox with spam, and I surely won’t share your information with anyone else.

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