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Why do Clients Seek Out Marc’s Hypnosis Counseling Services?  

Are you ready to CHANGE?  Hypnosis for Change is the answer.  Over the many years that I have been helping clients, I find many of them have been trying to correct the same concerns for years without any success.  I would have to say that more than 60% of my clients have sought help from other professionals and still struggle to deal with these issues.  Hypnosis is very powerful change process that is different from other modalities in addressing the problems or challenges that clients face.  For example, hypnosis for smoking cessation is 75-85% effective at permanently resolving the issue, without weight gain or withdrawal symptoms.  No other method, cold-turkey, patches, pills, acupuncture, has similar results.  Best of all, hypnosis is safe!

All our behaviors are controlled by our subconscious mind.  We act based on an emotional relationship to the behavior and then later justify it with our conscious or rational mind.  Hypnosis works at the subconscious level to resolve the long held, often destructive behavior.    Clients are often amazed that many issues can be resolved in a single session or just a few sessions.  This is incredible, when one typically sees other programs taking months or years and costing thousands of dollars and not resolving the issues.

There are many questions that clients have about hypnosis.  Some of those are answered in the Hypnosis FAQ section.  I will be happy to speak to you and answer your questions and schedule your session.  My fees are reasonable and designed to start you feeling happier and healthier.

Here is just a couple of my many clients who I have helped change and resolve a long held fear –  What are you waiting for?  How much longer do you want to suffer?  You Can Change… TODAY” – Watch this Video and then contact me by clicking or tapping the link below the video –

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Marc Marshall, the session I had with you has been life changing. My stress has greatly eased, and my eating has changed. There have been a few challenging days since early September when you hypnotized me, but only a few. My inner consciousness has been a very strong guide moving me away from things I want to steer away from, and I can’t thank you enough. When my challenges arise, I sit down quietly and put my state of mind back to that time and listen to your voice in my head and it switches me back to where I was, and gets me back on track. Thank you so much!  B.A.C.




♦ Reduce / Control Side Effects of Chemo

♦ Fears & Phobias

♦ Anxiety

♦ Sexual Dysfunction

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♦ Smoking Cessation  

Weight Loss

Test Anxiety

Sports Improvement


Pain Management

Relaxation & Stress Reduction

  • Improve Memory & Concentration
    A 2005 study conducted by Brian L. Vasquez at Washington State University stated “…the average client receiving hypnosis as an adjunctive treatment showed greater improvement than at least 70% of clients that did not received treatment with cognitive-behavioral treatment. The effectiveness of hypnosis as an additional treatment of depression (Yapko1993), smoking (Barabasz, Baer, Sheehan & Barabaszm 1986), eating disorders (Barabasz, M., 1990; Nash & Baker 1993), child sexual abuse (Rhue & Lynn 1993), post traumatic stress disorder (Spiegel, 1993), pain management (Chavez, 1993;  Smith, Barabasz & Barabasz 1996) and phobias and intense fears (Crawford & Barabasz, 1993), to name a few.”

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