Sports Improvement

   “Hypnosis has a long and extensive history in the area of sports psychology.”

As Liggett (2000) states, by using the characteristics of hypnosis, such as relaxation, focus, and suggestion, among others, hypnosis has the ability to make a major impact in mental training by helping athletes develop correct techniques, build willpower, concentration, and confidence essential for maximum performances.(Vasquez BL, Washington State University 2005) (Liggett, D. R. (2000). Enhancing imagery through hypnosis: A performance aid for athletes.American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 43(2), 149-157.)

What is keeping you from being the best you can be in your sport of choice?  Are you practicing the wrong things or practicing the wrong way? Hypnosis is a way of helping our minds and body to perform as needed. Our bodies don’t know the difference between images created in our minds and those that we experience in reality.  Most athletes continue to reinforce and strengthen bad habits through their practice routines.  Learn how to be more competitive, more consistent, more relaxed and gain more enjoyment.  Join the likes of athletic standouts such as Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Tiger Wood, Olympic Medalist Angela Bailey, and many others who have come to recognize how hypnosis was an important part of their athletic success.

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