Memory and Concentration

Have you Ever Misplaced Something Important and Can’t Remember Where you Put it?

“There is no question that hypnosis has the power to enhance memories by improving the mechanisms by which we create and retrieve them. This is partly based on the subject’s suggestibility or persuasiveness which can be used to encourage deeper probing until recall is successful. If you forgot something, first try to reconstruct the memory best you can. If you really cannot recall the information, give a call to a qualified hypnotherapist and they should be able to help you remember. (John Ryder Ph.D., Psychology Today 9/28/2009)

One of the questions that hypnotherapists or hypnocounselors are asked is whether we can make someone remember an event or incident.  The answer is both simple and complex.  We cannot make you remember just as we cannot make you do anything that you do not want to do.  We cannot make you quit smoking if you do not want to quit.  We can, however, provide you with the tools necessary to help you achieve the things you want, including the tools to help you with memory and concentration.

Usually, our inability to remember where something is, details of an event, or subject information for a test, is because we are distracted and stressed.  The more we try, the more difficult it is to draw on that memory.  The result is that we get caught up in this vicious circle that makes it more difficult to remember.  Hypnosis benefits you by giving you tools to relax, remove competing thoughts from your mind, and discover mnemonics that help facilitate recall. Hypnosis is by definition, and enhance state of concentration.  The combination of mental relaxation, mnemonic strategies, and clarity of mind can help you improve the way you remember things easily.

You may, in fact, choose to forget that you had difficulty remembering things, or remember to forget that you were distracted and unable to recall.  In either case, you owe to yourself to see how your memory and concentration can grow and improve through Hypnosis. Find out more –

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