The Ultimate in Past Life Exploration

Soulkey™ Therapy offers many possibilities, so everyone gets an experience that suits them. The answer may lie in a past life, or at the fireplace, in soul contract, with your guides, or in life between lives. All information received comes 100% from your own soul and subconscious. The soul shows you the right path that leads to your answers.

What is Soulkey™ and
How is it Different From Past Life Regression?

SoulKey™ Therapy is based on a neutral view that allows all clients regardless of belief, religion or skepticism to search in their own way for answers to important life questions, such as: Who am I? What am I doing here on Earth? What is my mission? Why do I always run into the same things? Why did I end up in this family or in this life? What is my life purpose? What’s left for me to do?

Areas that can be discussed are:
  • Advanced past life regression
  • Life between lives
  • Communication and access to the soul
A full Soulkey™ session can take up to 4 hours.
What do Clients Get From a Soulkey Session?
  • Letting go of traumas
  • Finding your mission in life
  • Being able to connect with your consciousness
  • Physical and mental liberation from complaints
  • Physical and Mental Healing and Optimization
  • Understanding the purpose of life and why you chose it
  • Letting go of thinking patterns
  • Clarification of situations and choices in this life
  • Meeting with the dead
  • Meeting your spiritual guide, your soul council or soul group
  • Spiritual Healing code