Staying In The Moment

Marc_Marshall_3D_image_transparent“STAYING IN THE MOMENT – Helping Students Achieve More Through Mindfulness Meditation”
is a forward thinking book that provides educators and parents a path to help their students improve self-esteem, attention, approach learning from a novel perspective, and take control of emotions and behaviors.
Educators throughout the United States are finally beginning to recognize the benefits that leaders in industry have realized through the implementation of Mindfulness training for their employees.  This book includes exercises that fit into our 21st century curriculum.  In addition to being a certified consulting hypnotist and mindfulness meditation instructor, Marc Marshall, CPH CHMI MBIS TCT-I,  has implemented these strategies during his tenure as a teacher of at-risk students, in alternative high school environments.  It was the successful combination of these two areas of his life that was the impetus to write this book and share his philosophy with other educators, parents, students and policy makers.   Finally, there is a way to improve outcomes in our classrooms without spending fortunes.   Mindfulness training, in  our classrooms, has the added benefit of improving interpersonal relationships, and developing better informed, more engaged citizens.

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