I’ve Seen The Future of YOUTUBE And It is . . .

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There aren’t many times when one gets the chance to peek behind the curtain of one of the most transformative companies shaping pop culture.  I am really excited to share with you some thoughts about my recent trip to accompany the Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker (#hypnotistrichardbarker) for a show he performed for the top YouTube creators in the world.  YouTube gathered together their top producers, vloggers and video producers with millions of followers each and brought them to New York City for the 2016 YouTube Creator Summit (#creatorsummit).   These stars included people like Yousef Erakat also know to his followers as #fouseytube, Joey Graceffa (#joeygraceffa), Alex Wassabi (#alexwassabi) and Jamal Edwards, MBE (#sbtv).  Each of these Youtube entrepreneurs have tapped into the power of social media and have created a new avenue for entertainment and expression.  They have millions of subscribers and billions of views on their YouTube channels.  This makes them a very hot commodity in the entertainment industry and in the eyes of traditional entertainment industry.

I am sure you are asking yourself what any of this has to do with hypnosis?  As I have shown, each of these people were stars before coming to the YouTube Creator Summit 2016 (#creatorsummit).  They became superstars when they experienced the incredible power of hypnosis with the talented Richard Barker.  In an incredibly short 25 minute segment, Barker, who is a friend and mentor of mine, hypnotized these volunteers to do hilarious skits and demonstrations.  The studio audience of their peers were screaming with laughter and had their cameras out to capture the hilarity while the volunteers forgot their names, licked imaginary ice cream off their arms and flitted around the stage as Tinkerbell on cue.  The audience members were amazed at the behaviors.  They were seeing, first hand, the power of the human mind to focus and concentrate to the exclusion of outside distractions.

This is the power of hypnosis!  The power to accomplish amazing things when self-doubt and self-limited thinking is removed.  It is a skill that I work with my private clients to develop so they can achieve more, remove fears and phobias, or stop smoking or lose weight.  It is also the basis of my recent book,  Staying In The Moment – Helping Students Achieve More Through Mindfulness Meditation,  that teaches educators how to structure their classroom lessons to include mindfulness practice as the route to helping students improve self-esteem, perform better in class, and develop an important life-long skill.  The Hypnotic Hijinks of HypnoMarc’s Comedy Hypnosis Show (#HypnoMarc) also demonstrates the power of the mind through comedy entertainment to students, corporations and audiences throughout the country.

The Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker left the 2016 YouTube Creator Summit attendees with a very clear message on the power of the human mind to achieve great feats.  He encouraged the attendees to focus on a single task to achieve more.  This is the same message that I bring to students, parents and clients to help them reach higher than they thought possible.  Now is the time to Marshall the Power of Your Mind!  Contact me to book a show you and your guests won’t forget.  Book an appointment to make those changes in your life.  Book a Team-Building session to motivate your company!  Read Staying In The Moment to help your student achieve more on Amazon, Apple, Nook or Kobo.

Setting Goals / Meeting Challenges

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This has been a busy, but highly rewarding week.  This week, I have met two very significant challenges presented to me by my mentor and made possible through my practice of motivational hypnosis.  I don’t share this to brag or blow my own horn, but rather I share it with the belief that someone else will find a spark within themselves to accomplish something different in their lives.

Many of those who come to me for personal improvement work through hypnosis find themselves stuck.  They have a closed mindset that keeps them mired in the past or paralyzed for fear of the future.  They lack confidence and a vision.  Regardless of whatever a client comes to me for assistance with, the first thing that I teach them is a simple mindfulness meditation exercise, which I ask them to commit to for a short period every day for a month.  It is not like I am asking them to devote hours each day.  Rather, the entire process is less than 15 minutes daily and the benefits lifelong.

Through the mindfulness practice, my clients gain important health benefits of stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, and relaxation.  Equally beneficial, is the results they obtain in making significant and positive changes in their lives.  It is in those few minutes every day, that those clients who adopt the practice are able to step back from the insanity of daily living and gain the clarity necessary to focus on goal setting and attainment.  The fact is, those clients who take up mindfulness meditation are the ones who develop the habits that result in rapid and lasting changes for the things they were looking to change through our hypnosis sessions.  When clients are mindful about their food, they eat better and meet weight loss goals.  When clients are mindful of being non-smokers, they achieve those lifelong benefits.  And, the list goes on.

As we approach the weekend, it is a good time to reflect on the week.  Did you have any goals for the best week that you were working towards?  Did you make progress on those goals?  Can you visualize and imagine how good you will feel as you accomplish those goals?  If, the answer to these three questions is not YES, then I challenge you to set a simple goal that you can accomplish in the next week or so.  Then I challenge you to focus on a longer term goal.  And if this is something that you struggle with, I invite you to text me by sending the word MOTIVATE TO 44222 and let me help you begin the process of motivating yourself and becoming the person you know you can be.  It is really a simple process, if you want to see real results and positive change.

Does Practice Make Perfect?

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From the time I was much younger, I recalled coaches and teachers repeatedly telling me that “Practice Makes Perfect!”  Guess what, they were WRONG!  In a moment, I will tell you where the fault in their thinking and belief was.

I first became aware of the wonders of hypnosis when I was 10 or 11 years old.  I saw my first stage hypnosis show and became amazed at the antics performed by many people that I knew.  Now many of the skits that were performed at the time are not used today, but nonetheless, it demonstrated the power of the subconscious mind to control our beliefs, perceptions and yes, our behaviors.  Allow me to demonstrate what I mean.  I want you to picture me standing there in front of you.  For those who don’t know me, you can imagine that I look something like Josh Duhamel.  I just a bit shorter, a bit heavier, and a little bit older.  But for purposes of this exercise, imaging I look like him will work just fine.    So, I am standing in front of you holding this wonderful, juicy yellow lemon.  I take a silver knife from the wooden table and cut a wedge from the lemon.  The juice is running down my arm as I do this.  Very slowly, I bring this fragrant, lemon wedge that is dripping with juice and bring it to my lips.  I take a long savory bite from the lemon and feel the pucker as the juice enters my mouth.

I am sure that many of you experienced the salivation and pucker that is typical of having physically experienced that action.  Yet, I was nowhere near you.  The point being, that your powerful subconscious mind took you through that experience just as though you had actually bitten into that lemon.

Let me return back to my first experience with hypnosis.  I watched in amazement as people I knew, some really good friends, bit into a really large onion.  I remember the smell of those onions permeating the entire room, yet, every one of those people on that stage, believed that had just bitten into the sweetest, most flavorful apple they had ever eaten.  In fact, many of those same people were very disappointed when the hypnotist would not give them more to eat.

What does any of that have to do with the idea that “practice makes perfect”?  In 2005, a Doctoral student (B. Vasquez) at Washington State University conducted a research project involving the basketball team and free throws.  He divided the team into three groups.  One group practiced foul shooting as is the common practice among basketball players.  The second group, practiced free throws and also received hypnosis for sports improvement (free throw shooting).  The third group only received hypnosis for their free throws.  Now if practice does indeed make perfect, one might reasonably conclude that either group one or group two would have the best outcomes.  The results, which have since been replicated in other and similar studies, showed that in fact, group three, the group that never practiced free throws, but only received hypnosis, had the best results.  The conclusion is that our minds cannot differentiate between the hypnotic and actual physical experience.

Regardless of what we are doing in our lives, we learn at the subconscious level.  And, it is at the subconscious level that we must make changes.  This is why hypnosis is such a powerful tool in bringing about rapid and lasting change.  Our powerful subconscious minds attach emotion to behaviors.  The mind comes to establish pathways to accomplish tasks either through actual physical actions or in hypnosis.  And just like the volunteer on stage who is sweating profusely because they believe the suggestion that it is 120 degrees on stage, or is laughing hysterically at a movie that is playing only in their mind, those who are hypnotized as an aid to performance in sports or life, are training their subconscious minds to respond.  The difference, however between hypnosis and physical practice is immense.    The reason for that is that while in hypnosis, the person who is seeking to improve their skills is only visualizing and practicing the “perfect” technique.  There is no muscle memory formed from making errant shots.  The new pathways through the brain only know the “right” way.

So, my coaches and teachers were indeed wrong.  Practice does not make perfect.  Only PERFECT practice makes perfect.  And perfect practice, be it in stress management, sports improvement, mindfulness meditation, or weight management, can best be attained through hypnosis.


Hump Day Hypnosis

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Here it is, another hump day and you’re just not feeling it.  So listen to this (I know you wouldn’t be able to read it and finish this article) find a quiet place and put your cellphone on vibrate (best not in your pocket…unless of course you enjoy that). I have a short audio blog to help you set a positive goal for the rest of this week.

Study Shows Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Pain

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One technique that I teach all clients, regardless of what they come to see me for, is mindfulness meditation.  I have found that when clients practice mindfulness that they often experience dramatic and lasting improvements in all areas of their lives.  The linked report is a short read and shows just one benefit of this powerful technique.

Ask me how this can help you reach your goals at improvement.

Click this link for the article -> Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Pain