REFINERY29 Staffers Knocked Out

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REFINERY29 Staffers Knocked Out by The Hypnotic Hijinks of HypnoMarc


What do you do when you are the modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life and you want to break new ground?  The answer for Refinery29 was to engage the Hypnotic Hijinks of New Jersey’s Comedy Hypnotist, HypnoMarc Marshall.

Show producer, Nell Riley, was looking for exciting programming that would engage the imagination of the Refinery29 (R29) audience and could energize and engage the staff.  She developed the concept of demonstrating the power of the mind through comedy hypnosis and contacted HypnoMarc to hypnotize volunteers from among the Refinery29 staff members for the show. The event, which marked the first time Refinery29 has had a hypnotist perform for them, was broadcast live on the Refinery29’s Facebook Live Channel.

For Marc (HypnoMarc Marshall) it was a great time working with the amazing volunteers.   The volunteers, all members of the staff, were picked by lottery and shared their real personalities with the Facebook Live audience.  All but one of the women were first timers to being hypnotized.    Among the various routines they performed, was a new skit that Marshall had just rolled out for this event – Joke HeManGo!, an original skit based on the hot new phone app, PokeMon Go! , that is sweeping the world.  In the skit, the volunteers used their I-Shoes (shoe phones) to capture various Joke HeManGo! characters that suddenly appeared in the studio.  The volunteers also demonstrated their talents by trying out for the U.S. Olympic Funny Face team.

Unlike most broadcast shows, this live event featured a Q&A session with the R29 followers.  It gave Marshall the opportunity to educate the volunteers and viewers about the power of hypnosis and the human mind.  The response from the viewers and staff was extremely positive and is likely to result in future collaborations with Refinery29 and HypnoMarc.  STAY TUNED!

Marc Marshall, known professionally as HypnoMarc has been hypnotizing and amazing people since he was 16.  He is a professional stage and consulting hypnotist and author. He is a frequent presenter to companies and organizations in the areas of motivation and team building, with his comedy hypnosis show – HypnoMarc’s Hypnotic Hijinks.

Would you like his help learning how to manage pain, stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress and anxiety, or remove fears and phobias?  Learn how he can help you from his conveniently located office in Summit, NJ. For more information or to Book your appointment now! –

Terrorism, Stress & Anxiety

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I’ve been hearing from a number of clients and friends about their anxiety following the recent terrorist attack in #Orlando, # Tel Aviv, and elsewhere.  There is real sense of uneasiness that is having a noticeable impact on people’s reactions to one another.  This is the outcome of terror and we have a choice to not allow ourselves to become the victims.  Through my work with clients on hypnosis and mindfulness meditation, I help you take back control of your life.  Ready to stop being controlled by stress, fear and anxieity?  Take a look at this video and let’s talk soon.

I’ve Seen The Future of YOUTUBE And It is . . .

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There aren’t many times when one gets the chance to peek behind the curtain of one of the most transformative companies shaping pop culture.  I am really excited to share with you some thoughts about my recent trip to accompany the Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker (#hypnotistrichardbarker) for a show he performed for the top YouTube creators in the world.  YouTube gathered together their top producers, vloggers and video producers with millions of followers each and brought them to New York City for the 2016 YouTube Creator Summit (#creatorsummit).   These stars included people like Yousef Erakat also know to his followers as #fouseytube, Joey Graceffa (#joeygraceffa), Alex Wassabi (#alexwassabi) and Jamal Edwards, MBE (#sbtv).  Each of these Youtube entrepreneurs have tapped into the power of social media and have created a new avenue for entertainment and expression.  They have millions of subscribers and billions of views on their YouTube channels.  This makes them a very hot commodity in the entertainment industry and in the eyes of traditional entertainment industry.

I am sure you are asking yourself what any of this has to do with hypnosis?  As I have shown, each of these people were stars before coming to the YouTube Creator Summit 2016 (#creatorsummit).  They became superstars when they experienced the incredible power of hypnosis with the talented Richard Barker.  In an incredibly short 25 minute segment, Barker, who is a friend and mentor of mine, hypnotized these volunteers to do hilarious skits and demonstrations.  The studio audience of their peers were screaming with laughter and had their cameras out to capture the hilarity while the volunteers forgot their names, licked imaginary ice cream off their arms and flitted around the stage as Tinkerbell on cue.  The audience members were amazed at the behaviors.  They were seeing, first hand, the power of the human mind to focus and concentrate to the exclusion of outside distractions.

This is the power of hypnosis!  The power to accomplish amazing things when self-doubt and self-limited thinking is removed.  It is a skill that I work with my private clients to develop so they can achieve more, remove fears and phobias, or stop smoking or lose weight.  It is also the basis of my recent book,  Staying In The Moment – Helping Students Achieve More Through Mindfulness Meditation,  that teaches educators how to structure their classroom lessons to include mindfulness practice as the route to helping students improve self-esteem, perform better in class, and develop an important life-long skill.  The Hypnotic Hijinks of HypnoMarc’s Comedy Hypnosis Show (#HypnoMarc) also demonstrates the power of the mind through comedy entertainment to students, corporations and audiences throughout the country.

The Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker left the 2016 YouTube Creator Summit attendees with a very clear message on the power of the human mind to achieve great feats.  He encouraged the attendees to focus on a single task to achieve more.  This is the same message that I bring to students, parents and clients to help them reach higher than they thought possible.  Now is the time to Marshall the Power of Your Mind!  Contact me to book a show you and your guests won’t forget.  Book an appointment to make those changes in your life.  Book a Team-Building session to motivate your company!  Read Staying In The Moment to help your student achieve more on Amazon, Apple, Nook or Kobo.

Hump Day Hypnosis

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Here it is, another hump day and you’re just not feeling it.  So listen to this (I know you wouldn’t be able to read it and finish this article) find a quiet place and put your cellphone on vibrate (best not in your pocket…unless of course you enjoy that). I have a short audio blog to help you set a positive goal for the rest of this week.