What Can You Expect From A Past-Life Exploration Workshop


You will be joining other explorers who, like you, have are curious about experiences in their present life and are looking for connections to explain certain events or feelings. Your experiences during the workshop, may or may not be like someone else’s. You may share certain feelings, sensations, smells, or other physical or emotional responses, or you may have a completely unique experience. Remember, it is YOUR past life that you are recounting. Others in the room may or may not have a connection to you or your past life.


The process is safe and simple. The keys to a successful experience is your openness, your ability to relax and trust the hypnotist. Your journey begins when you first enter the room and choose your seat. Shortly thereafter you will be guided, much like meditation, in to a calm and relaxed state. I will guide you along the journey, but it will be YOU who chooses the path you wish to take.

I will not direct you to see any person or event from your past. Rather these are things that will be discovered as you allow your subconscious mind to guide your specific experience. You are always in control. Nothing is ever done without your conscious and subconscious cooperation. It is the reason that the experience is both powerful and empowering.


Your Past-Life Workshop experience is very much like visualizing yourself eating dinner last evening. You see yourself engaged in the conversation, you observe yourself picking up your fork and sense the tastes, smells, and textures from that experience, as well as the feelings you had. You become engaged in recalling the experience. The more relaxed you are, the easier and more fully you will connect with your subconscious mind and recall the details.

You are likely to experience a range of emotions during the session. Letting go and feeling safe and comfortable allows you to fully embrace and recall the past life events. You are safe and in control of the event.

The first part of the workshop gives you a brief explanation of the process, some information about me, and allows you to ask some questions that you may have. This is then followed by the actual past-life session. During the past-life session, you will be guided to relax and focus. The last part of the evening is set aside to give people the opportunity to share and process this powerful experience.
Many people come to the workshop with friends. I recommend that you not sit next to friends so that you aren’t tempted to talk with them or be distracted by their presence. You will have plenty of time to share your experience with them and others, if you choose.


This past life workshop has been designed to provide you with several important things. First, it opens your eyes and provides you with a very personal view of where you came from and how that has shaped you. People are fascinated to learn who they have been and how their past life affects our current life.

A second result is the discovery of patterns of behaviors that appear in both our past and current lives. Very often we see connected talents, relationships, likes and dislikes that are rooted in our pasts.

The insights gained helps many to achieve important understandings and often resolves obstacles, fears, or physical problems that challenge them in the present. This is possible because you are tapping into information from your powerful subconscious mind and revisiting an experience, rather than merely talking about it, as is common in talk therapies.

Be prepared to have fun and learn new (old) things about yourself. Scratch that itch! Satisfy that curiosity and maybe free yourself from those things that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Join Me for a Special – Intimate Past Life Experience Workshop –  Tuesday – Oct. 17, 7:30 pm – Casa Colombo – Millburn, NJ

 Have you ever wondered … “Have I been here before? “

 Have you ever wondered … “Have I been here before? “

Does this sound familiar?  You meet someone for the very first time, yet you feel as though you know them from somewhere? You just can’t pinpoint how you know them, but you just can’t shake the feeling that the two of you are somehow connected.  Most of us have experienced this sense of déjà vu in our lives.  Having lived a past life is, perhaps something that you may have thought about but dismissed.  Sometimes these experiences are so powerful it is difficult to come to any other conclusion, other than I must have lived in another time.

Those of us who have done work and explored our past lives share this guidance:  when you encounter this situation, trust this feeling.  It is important that you trust your gut. This person is coming into your life again for a reason. Usually, when someone visits you from a past life, it means that you have some sort of unfinished business.

Let’s consider 8 Signs that you have met a person from a past life or have experienced a past life:

1 – Instant Rapport – You start talking and the next thing you realize, hours have past and it as though you are catching up with someone you hadn’t spoken to in a while.  You have a feeling of ease, comfort and peacefulness in their presence.

2 – Intense Immediate Dislike –  You experience a strong or visceral dislike, even though you are meeting this person for the first time.  There is just a gut feeling that screams out and for which you have no other reasonable explanation.  These people will continue to cross your path in future lives until you both resolve the issues between you.

3 – Experience a Short, But Intense Relationship –  Have you ever had a relationship with someone that was short-lived, perhaps months or weeks long, but extremely intense.  These are frequently events that resolve issues for both of you from a past life.  It is an event that brings closure, even though it may be painful.

4 – You Recognize Their Eyes – Just think back to a time when you met someone and you recognize their eyes.  It is something that is common with true soulmates and often reflects a past life connection.

5 – You Share a Telepathic Connection –  Perhaps there is someone in your life that you each know what the other is going to say before they say it.   Those who have experienced past lives together frequently have deeper connections than those we encounter for the first time.  It is as if we can read each other like a book.

6 – Someone is Helping you for No Apparent Reason –  Have you ever encountered someone in your life who gives you something you desperately need, emotional or physical, at the very moment you need it, without them having any expectation of repayment?   This is often them repaying you in this life for something you gave them in a previous one.

7- Is this Person Helping You to Learn Something About Yourself?  – Has someone come into your present life that is challenging you to grow.  This challenge can be either positive or negative, but the more challenging, the greater the likelihood that it is something from multiple past lives with this person.

8 – A Feeling of Déjà Vu – Are you experiencing a situation with this person that has or appears to have happened to you before? Is history repeating itself, but with different people?  This repeating of a past experience with a different person, is an indication of a lesson from a previous life that you have yet to master.  The new person who has come into your present life in this repeated situation is a “new teacher”.   Once you have learned this lesson, the person may leave your life or change the nature of the relationship with them.  However, you will find that you no longer experience this recurring situation.

There are many more examples that I can share with you, but I know you are aware of them because you are reading this blog.  If you want more information, or want to be part of one of my future, limited engagement, small group Past Life Exploration Workshops, be sure to share this with your friends and join my mailing list below.  I won’t fill your mailbox with spam, and I surely won’t share your information with anyone else.

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REFINERY29 Staffers Knocked Out

REFINERY29 Staffers Knocked Out by The Hypnotic Hijinks of HypnoMarc


What do you do when you are the modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life and you want to break new ground?  The answer for Refinery29 was to engage the Hypnotic Hijinks of New Jersey’s Comedy Hypnotist, HypnoMarc Marshall.

Show producer, Nell Riley, was looking for exciting programming that would engage the imagination of the Refinery29 (R29) audience and could energize and engage the staff.  She developed the concept of demonstrating the power of the mind through comedy hypnosis and contacted HypnoMarc to hypnotize volunteers from among the Refinery29 staff members for the show. The event, which marked the first time Refinery29 has had a hypnotist perform for them, was broadcast live on the Refinery29’s Facebook Live Channel.

For Marc (HypnoMarc Marshall) it was a great time working with the amazing volunteers.   The volunteers, all members of the staff, were picked by lottery and shared their real personalities with the Facebook Live audience.  All but one of the women were first timers to being hypnotized.    Among the various routines they performed, was a new skit that Marshall had just rolled out for this event – Joke HeManGo!, an original skit based on the hot new phone app, PokeMon Go! , that is sweeping the world.  In the skit, the volunteers used their I-Shoes (shoe phones) to capture various Joke HeManGo! characters that suddenly appeared in the studio.  The volunteers also demonstrated their talents by trying out for the U.S. Olympic Funny Face team.

Unlike most broadcast shows, this live event featured a Q&A session with the R29 followers.  It gave Marshall the opportunity to educate the volunteers and viewers about the power of hypnosis and the human mind.  The response from the viewers and staff was extremely positive and is likely to result in future collaborations with Refinery29 and HypnoMarc.  STAY TUNED!

Marc Marshall, known professionally as HypnoMarc has been hypnotizing and amazing people since he was 16.  He is a professional stage and consulting hypnotist and author. He is a frequent presenter to companies and organizations in the areas of motivation and team building, with his comedy hypnosis show – HypnoMarc’s Hypnotic Hijinks.

Would you like his help learning how to manage pain, stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress and anxiety, or remove fears and phobias?  Learn how he can help you from his conveniently located office in Summit, NJ. For more information or to Book your appointment now! –  info@hypnomarc.com.