Pain Management

 Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Studies have shown that hypnosis is one of the most effective tools in controlling or reducing both chronic and acute pain.  A 2004 study by Sebastian Schulz-Stubner, MD, Ph.D and published in the Journal Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, suggested that hypnosis can actually change the way the brain processes pain signals, reducing the brain activity devoted to feelings of distress even while the pain sensations continue to be received the study conluded that “hypnosis is approximately 65-70 percent effective against pain.”

Additionally, there are benefits for those who cannot or reluctant to take opiate based drugs for pain management.  In a 1999 paper on the use of Hypnosis in Pain Management, Hoi Ning Ngai of Darmouth University concluded the following:

“In terms of anesthesia, hypnosis has been used to help those who are unable to undergo the traditional procedures–some have allergic reactions to chemical anesthesia, some cannot go under without additional assistance.  Depending on the circumstances, hypnoanesthesia has been able to provide some patients with alternate routes to the operating room. In terms of analgesia, hypnosis has been effective for those who suffer short-term pain as well as those who suffer long-term pain. For some patients, hypnoanalgesia has been able to afford a great deal of pain relief without the use of drugs or other chemicals. But most important of all, hypnosis has allowed the patient to participate in the healing process.”

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