"Try Not to Think About a Pink Elephant"

If Only it was as Simple as Just
Staying Focused...

One of the greatest challenges for corporate teams and educators is getting the best outcomes for the effort and time invested. And yet, this is the most challenging problem for both groups and here’s why…

Tony Robbins well known quote “Where attention goes energy flows” sums up the challenge. The more we focus on not failing or not making a mistake, the greater the likelihood that we will fail. The reason is simply that our energy is on the “mistake” and not the solution. 

Marc takes your team through a mind expanding experience that is filled with engagement and laughter to help them breakdown self limiting beliefs, develop tools for relieving stress and anxiety, and building confidence and success. The result is happier, healthier teams or students and greater productivity.

As a hypnotist and NLP practitioner Marc understands that language and beliefs are tied together. And when he reframes the challenge to being the solution… Let’s just say the results are magic.

Find out how Marc can make your next team building event an investment in your people that really pays off.

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