How Do You Make a Bridal Shower Memorable?

Your BFF is about to get married and you’re planning the party. NOW WHAT? 
Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties can be a real challenge. What can YOU do to make them fun, different and memorable? This video has the answer

Who Were You in a

Past Life?

Have you ever had the feeling of Deja Vu? You know, that thought that you’ve met someone before, even though you are being introduced to them for the very first time?

Perhaps, you’ve asked yourself – “Have I been here before?” We all know that it can be very frustrating not knowing where to find the answers. But here;s the secret to getting the answer to the question – “Have I been here before?” ... A Past Life Exploration Party.

Over the course of 2 hours you can have fun and explore this hidden side of you by being part of a small group of people in this special event. Group energy provides you with connections to your past that you may not be able to experience otherwise. And you may just discover you have connections to your friends from a past life.

Meet Your Past Life Guide

Marc Marshall, CPH CHMI MBIS TCT-I

Hypnotist, Author and Motivational Speaker

Marc is a certified professional hypnotist who has hypnotized people around the world. He began hypnotizing people at the age of 16 and through his own work discovered his connection to many of his own past lives. Many of his private hypnosis clients come to him for past-life work to help them better understand their current life’s journey.

Past Life Regression Can Help You To:

  • Explore your past life connection to your Soulmate.
  • Uncover emotions that you’ve brought into this lifetime, which may be creating fears or beliefs you’re unable to explain.
  • Identify key lessons learned through those lives and bring them into your present life.
  • Help you look at physical ailments, which may be remnants of past life experiences. 
  • Connect you with past life experiences. 
  • Give you insights into your feeling of deep connection with certain places. 

Take the Road Less Traveled

Your journey will take you on your guests on a venture to connect with your guides and your past through a hypnotic process known as Past Life Regression. Hypnosis in all forms is a safe and pleasant experience, And, the Past Life experience is one of the most rewarding. 

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