High Anxiety . . . College Admission Test Anxiety

High anxiety is not just the title to the 1977 Mel Brooks homage to Alfred Hitchcock, but more accurately describes that “pit in the stomach” feeling that so many people get when having to take those all-important college entrance or promotional exams (SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE).  Sure, you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars taking classes to get you ready.  You’ve spent weeks on practice exams and studying.  But, you can’t shake that uneasy feeling; the test anxiety that gets in the way of you performing your best.  You don’t want to walk out of that test saying . . . “I knew the answers to those questions!”

Studies have repeatedly shown that stress and anxiety are major contributors in our inability to recall important information at critical times.  The stress of achieving a score that makes you the optimal candidate for your new position or college entrance works against both the ability to learn and retain information, as well as the ability to easily recall it.  This is where hypnosis can be most beneficial.

Hypnosis provides you with the ability to reduce or eliminate stress so you are open to receive and effectively process the material you get from those prep classes.  More importantly, hypnosis to eliminate test anxiety provides you with the ability to recall and apply knowledge you have obtained throughout your experience, not just in your preparation classes.  This allows you to perform with confidence and at your best.  Contact me today to schedule your session and learn how to “Marshall the Power of Your Mind.”

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